JBoss Enterprise Application Development


JBoss® Enterprise Application Development(JB295) will expose entry and mid-level Java

developers to JBoss Java Enterprise Edition(JavaEE) frameworks, specifications, and interfaces

(APIs). Students will learn how to createand maintain JavaEE compliant applications from start to

finish using the Eclipse-based JBossDeveloper Studio. Extensiveuse cases, lectures, and hands-on

labs introduce students to Seam, Hibernate,and related technologies that help create a fully

functional enterprise Java application. Bythe end of the course, students will build a complete,

multi-tier, enterprise application,including a web-based frontend, a web services layer, an EJB-

layer, and a persistence layer, as well ascode for test cases at all levels.


Students with existing Java programmingexperience seeking to enter Java Enterprise

Edition (Java EE) development

Experienced JEE developers who aremigrating to JBoss for the first time